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After being educated on the shame that comes along with being a part of the fashion industry, I was curious as to what contributed to these feelings of shame and how these feelings are holding back the potential of the fashion industry in ways such as creativity, talent, and sustainability. I was inspired to create a project that would express these feelings while at the same time educate others on the topic. I began by asking questions such as: What causes the fashion industry to continue to be so unsustainable? How is shame in the fashion industry holding back the industry's potential to be sustainable? These concepts influenced my decisions of form, fit, colors, and overall style/aesthetic in creating my final designs.

Scroll below to see how Anna Rose investigates this topic and how she translates her findings into garments. We also recommend reading The Green Shades of Shame by Dr. Mathilda Tham as this article served as inspiration for Anna Rose’s project.


Checkout her project and follow her on Instagram! @anna_maria__rose


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