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Conscious Consumerism


In an effort to understand the average consumer, we interviewed strangers on the streets of Cincinnati about their spending habits. We wanted to know where they shopped, what they bought, and how they determined the quality of their purchases.

With a variety of responses one thing was clear, people want quality but aren’t necessarily willing to pay for it. Why is that? We still haven’t found the answer.

That said, in a capitalist society, consumption is how we sustain ourselves.

Currently we are in a state of overconsumption, with a high disregard for sustainability.

It’s time to change the way we shop.

As you browse the contents of the conscious consumerism zine below, I urge you to analyze how you personally shop, where you shop, what you buy, and how you determine the quality of your purchases.

Please leave a comment if you like to weigh in on the debate of quality or quantity, or conscious consumerism in general, we’d love your feedback.




Credit to Marie, Alexis Piascik, and Emily Wheeler for their collaborative work on this zine, and their amazing research. Well done! Check them out on Instagram {in order from left to right, top row to bottom row} :

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