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Shirts can be Skirts!

SFI recently had a clothing drive in the DAAP café to collect garments to be used at the Hughes High School Clothing Swap!

SFI received 600-700 items total in just 2 days. Thank you all who donated!

Instead of constantly shopping for ‘new’ clothing we encourage you to take a minute to get playful with the clothing you and your friends already own. Turn your clothes inside out, put them on the 'wrong' body part, heck you can even wear them upside down! Secondhand can be cool & trendy!

Play with your closet, bend gender norms in your dress, you can even wear neon! Be as formal or casual as you want...or do what we did and wear a t-shirt as a skirt!



For more content like this check out @meeshstrauss on Instagram!

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